2 Hour Classes
Monday Nights October 8-29
1500 Sound Academy: 8729 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood

    Oct 8 - Wk 1: Bass lines, Chords & Riffs - The Introduction

    Oct 15 - Wk 2: Melodies - The Fun Stuff

    Oct 22 - Wk 3: Lyrically Speaking - Writing Better Lyrics

    Oct 29 - Wk 4: Saucey - Adding Vocal Layers



This 4-week program will cover the technique of writing music and/or lyrics with an emphasis on placing that product in today’s market.

Topics Include:

Songwriting, lyrics, melody, hamromy stacks, basic music theory and more.

Who This Class is For:

No formal training or experience is required for this class. However, some knowledge of music and/or creative writing is helpful. Students are encouraged to give positive and constructive feedback to each other's’ work. Students are also expected to keep a notebook, or “idea pad”. A digital recorder (purchased or used on cell phone) is also recommended.

Wk 1: Bass lines, Chords & Riffs - The Introduction

Chord Progressions & Intervals - By the end of the week students should have practiced all 12 different intervals. Students are quizzed on their ability to find any interval starting on any key.

Analyzing Chord Progressions and Identifying Format - By the end of the week students should have a good understanding on how to analyze a chord progression to any song of their choice as well as identify key sections of a song.

Writing Chord Progressions & Riffs - Students will learn to create dynamic chord progressions with proper voice leading in any key using simple chords and methods such as re-voicing, substitution and inversions

Wk 2: Melodies - The Fun Stuff

Melodic Development - Students learn to construct top lines that suit the foundation of the song (based on methods and techniques that have worked overtime) whether it is a complete track, simple chord progression or no instrumental at all. By the end of the week students should have a good understanding of how to develop melody.

Hooks & Choruses - Students learn general guidelines for how to create simple, catchy hook lines and choruses that stand out. Students will develop a top line melody that flows section to section (Verse/Pre/Chorus) and incorporates the melodic development techniques covered in class.

Wk 3: Lyrically Speaking - Writing Better Lyrics

Brainstorming / Concept Development - Students learn several exercises that help to inspire lyrics and are also encouraged to develop personal techniques that allow ideas to flow freely without judgement or analysis.

Poetry Structure - Students learn the importance of rhythmic flow to momentum and how to incorporate lyric ideas into poetry structure as well as proper notation and setting of text to vocal placeholders.

Lyric Writing and Placeholders - Students learn techniquesn that help with rhyme scheme as well as solidifying the perspective and direction of a song. Students also learn the process of putting their lyrical ideas to vocal placeholders.

Wk 4: Saucey - Adding Vocal Layers

Stacks - Students learn about vocal stacks and how to incorporate them into music for texture and dynamics.

Harmonies - Students learn about single and multi-part harmonies, style based on genre, how, when and where to incorporate harmonies as well as harmony techniques that have been successfully used over time.

Vocal Arrangement - Students learn how to create, organize and communicate creative vocal ideas and present them in a clean, concise, professional format. The course ends with the crafting, scoring, rehearsing, and recording of a multi-voice, instrumentally backed arrangement

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