4 Hour Class
Monday 5/7 - Wednesday 5/9
12 PM - 4PM
1500 Sound Academy: 8729 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood



This bootcamp is a collaboration intensive spanning 3 days. Writers are paired by skills and compatibility curated by 1500 staff. Participants will be asked to take on specific roles as they collaborate, culminating in a beat feedback session.


Topliner - writes lyrics and melody

Composer - writes all instrumental music

Engineer - records and mixes the song

Students will learn about: Split sheets Collaboration for productivity

Workshop Objective: Pair music producers together within a creative framework to maximize collaborative production.

Who this class is for: intermediate to advanced music producers, songwriters and engineers.

How do I know if I will benefit from this class? If you are able to write and produce/mix and master your own songs you will likely benefit from this class.

Materials Needed: Any DAW with multitrack and sequencing capabilities will be sufficient. Students will need to bring: Laptop Computer with DAW installed Headphones Recommended - midi controller, audio interface, musical instruments of choice, sample library

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