4 Hour Classes, 5 days
12 PM - 4PM
1500 Sound Academy: 8729 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood

  • Day 1: Drums
    Studio Etiquette. Creating Custom Drum Kits. Sequencing Drums Layering & Swing.
  • Day 2: Bass and Acoustics
    Bass Sound Design. Bass & Kick Relationships. Bass Harmony. Mixing Bass
  • Day3: Pads
    Music Theory and Pads. Pad Sound Design 1. Pad Sound Design 2. Mixing Pads.
  • Day 4: Leads and Arrangement
    Music Theory and Leads. Lead Sound Design 1. Lead Sound Design 2. Mixing Leads.
  • Day 5: Mixing and Mastering
    Fader Volume. EQ & Compression. Mastering Concepts



A music production intensive designed to educate participants on composition, workflow, sound design, studio etiquette, mixing and mastering from the ground up.

Each day, participants explore a fundamental building block of music production, culminating in a song by week’s end. This course is fully immersive and incorporates project-based learning as well as an integrated curriculum.

The course is taught in Ableton Live.

At the end of this course, students will have learned how to create a mixed and mastered song from a blank session.

How do I know if I will benefit from this class? There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to participate in this workshop. Fundamentals of music production will be taught from the ground up. Beginners will gain an understanding of the entire composition process. Advanced producers will benefit from unique workflow and sound design concepts.

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